Bed in Your Head in the news

Karen S. Lewis interview on Good Day Sacramento

Television Appearances

Good Day Sacramento 


One May 18, 2021  Karen Lewis talked with Cody Stark on  the CW31, the local CBS affiliate station out of Sacramento, California. The chatted about the evolution of the Mouth Bed from Burning Man piece to whatever comes next! Watch her interview on Good Day Sacramento.


Feast of Fun Podcast

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One May 28, 2021  Karen appeared on the 2961st episode of the Feast of Fun podcast. Karen Lewis talked with Puerto Rican drag queen, Fausto Fernós and his husband, Norwegian reality TV star, Marc Felion. Have a listen as they chat about art, life, and mouths in pop cultures. 

Karen Lewis as featured guest on Feast of Fun podcast talking about the mouth bed sculpture



East Bay Times

 “It’s impossible for me to make something that wouldn’t make someone laugh.” – K.S. Lewis


Side shot of Mouth Bed by K.S. Lewis



Bed in Your head at Burning Man 2005 with Man in background



During the final week of the build,  Karen Lewis and Max Allstadt were interviewed by Scott Schafer, radio host of The California Report. The California Report brings listeners news and culture from around the Golden State. Listen for more about the Bed in Your Head art installation in the news